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Scientific Analysis and Graphing

For more than 25 years, Prism has been the leading analysis and graphing solution for scientists — from students to Nobel Prize winners. 750,000 scientists in 110 countries trust Prism.

Prism is the only easy to use nonlinear regression analysis software on the market.
David R. Edwards, PhD
Senior R&D Scientist
Afton Chemical
I have used Prism and many of its competitors extensively and I think Prism is by far the most intuitive and approachable software of its class.
Jessica H. Hartman, Ph.D
Duke University
Prism is a scientist friendly tool. It helps our team get off Excel, which has limitations.
Cheryl Dyer
Chief Research Officer
It is the best graphing and statistics analysis software I know for data manipulations.
Raul Sanoja
Associate Principal Scientist
Prism forces the user to organize the data in a way that makes stats work. These are areas where Excel fails.
Lennart Lundblad, PhD
Director of Clinical Science
THORASYS Thoracic Medical Systems Inc.
The simple table layouts in Prism with examples and step-by-step analysis options help me think about how my experiment should be designed. Prism makes my day-to-day much, much easier!
Dr. Adrian Yemm
Newcastle University


Scientists across a broad range of industries trust Prism to advance their research and help solve meaningful problems.

Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Food & Agriculture

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Consumer Products

Aerospace & Defense


Energy, Resources, Oil & Gas

Technology & Telecommunications

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