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Statistics Guide

A concise guide to doing statistical analyses with GraphPad Prism.

Curve Fitting Guide

A guide to fitting curves (and lines) with GraphPad Prism.

Prism User Guide

Guided examples of common analyses to get you started.

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Support for older versions of Prism

Find user guides and step-by-step examples for older versions of Prism.

Prism 9

The latest version of Prism 9 is 9.5.1.

Prism 8

The latest version of Prism 8 is 8.4.3.

Prism 7

The latest version of Prism 7 is 7.05 (Windows) and 7.0e (Mac). Learn more

Support for other GraphPad Software


The current versions for InStat is 3.10 Windows and 3.1a for Mac. Learn more


The current versions for StatMate Windows is 2.00 and Mac 2.0b.