Prism Academy FAQs

What is Prism Academy?
Prism Academy is GraphPad’s online statistics and data visualization training platform. It contains over 125 videos and hours of learning material taught by highly technical experts. To access the academy click here.

How can I access Prism Academy?
You can access Prism Academy directly through the GraphPad website. To access the academy click here.

How much does Prism Academy cost?
Prism Academy is free for everyone. To access the academy click here. To learn about the benefits of a Prism subscription, or to purchase a Prism subscription, click here.

Why does Prism Academy look different?
We have revamped Prism Academy, to make our content open and free to everyone. This enables a global audience to benefit from the educational resources we offer. We believe this sharing fosters collaboration, which is also in the spirit of the release of Prism 10. Powerful data analysis, advanced graph customization and simplified collaboration are core to what we do. Here are two features in Prism 10 that particularly emphasize this:

  • A More Open File Format - Break down data silos with a more open file format that enables new workflows and integrations. Learn more here.
  • Prism Cloud beta - An all-new web-based application that allows you to publish, share, and discuss your work with your colleagues. Learn more here.

The updated Prism Academy provides hundreds of educational resources that help advance researchers knowledge of Prism, statistics, and data visualization in general. This open access content is taught by experts. We hope by helping researchers upskill in these areas, we can all play our part accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.

Can I access Prism Academy through a mobile app? 
We don't currently offer a mobile app, but Prism Academy is fully mobile responsive so you can take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

What other free training resources do you have available?
In addition to Prism Academy, you can access learning materials by visiting the GraphPad Resource Library and YouTube channel.

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